Bump up your Shoulder Injury Prevention: The Arm Pit Checkup

Ok, you want to know how your shoulders are doing this season. Fair. If you are reading this, it might be likely that you are noticing symptoms (tightness, weakness, sensitivities) These are all warning signs that something could go awry with climbing at your hardest. Check out these few tricks to ensure that your shoulder is functioning correctly, and not setup for disaster. First in a progression of awareness creating articles, the Arm Pit. (Cue background music).

Not very many people know too much about the armpit. It can make really cool noises. It can stink out your friends, but did you know that it should have a certain shape to assist you with your climbing? First, raise your arm while looking in a mirror (You might want to warn someone first if they are standing too close for safety.)

First, as if assessing a climbing hold, what is the shape of your armpit. How does the skin lay over the muscles below? The shape and the angle tell us everything. Today we focus on the shape. Words like concavity, bowl, want to look in your armpit for a concavity, not a bulge. Muscles that support the shoulder blade (scapula) while pulling down become VERY t