Finger Injury Module 1

Finger Injury Module 1

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This booklet pairs nicely with a virtual e-visit in my clinic from your sofa, car seat, or climbing gym. Perfect for impact injuries, compression injuries, jammed fingers, overused fingers, hot puffy fingers, inflammed fingers, pulley injuries, flexor tendon injuries, non-local diffuse pain, and much more!

As many injuries are treated the same way in teh beginning, waste no time in getting going with the cutting edge therapies I do to my very own clients, regaredless of if they are a worldcup climber or if they are a weekend warrior (or a newbie who pulled too hard). 


This download covers a great beginning to your finger rehabilitation and entails treatment for most new climbing injuries with the first few weeks of rehab for pulley, tendon and joint injuries. Begin your care correctly with benficial pro climber recommended easy exercises to promote flexibility, inflammation control and to prepare you for successful return to sport. Its all about the little tweaks and changes that makes your therapy a success. What better than to learn it from a climbing specific doc who mainly treats fingers, elbows and climber related aches and pains!


If you have a pain or an ache that you are deciding to ignore or to start therapy on, THIS is the starting point for you. Begin at the beginning with hot puffy fingers, a perfect download for any climber to have with you if the need arises. This is my GO-TO for client care during trips, events, or when things go wrong. You can always email me for any modifications along the way if needed.



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