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Finger Rehab Phase A (Acute)

Finger Rehab Phase A (Acute)

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A perfect rehab plan for any climber to have with you if the need arises. This is my GO-TO for client care during trips, events, or when things go wrong.


Take the first steps of healing any finger injury with me in this 40+ page booklet for HOT new injuries needing Phase 1 Acute Care.  


Perfect for care of symptoms related to:


  • Impact injuries
  • Compression injuries
  • Jammed fingers
  • Over-used fingers
  • Hot puffy fingers
  • Inflammed fingers
  • Pulley injuries
  • Flexor tendon injuries
  • Non-local diffuse pain
  • And much more!


Waste no time in getting going with your self-applied care to decrease pain, increase range of motion, and help your injury to heal faster. These are the cutting edge therapies I do to my very own clients, regaredless of if they are a World-Cup climber, a weekend warrior, or a newbie.


This download covers the entire beginning to your finger rehabilitation and walks you through step-by-step  treatments that you can do yourself.  


For most new climbing injuries this covers the Phase 1 of care for Acute injuries with the first few weeks of rehab for pulley, tendon and joint injuries.


It's all about the little tweaks and changes that makes your therapy a success. 


Phases of Care: 

Part A covers acute care, for those hot new injuries or old chronic injuries  before you become ready for Part B, which is my "building" phase for return to climbing. Part C, is the return to climbing upon which we begin to transition to training for climbing.


Before you can transition to Part B, or the Building phase for returning o climbing, you should have full range of motion out of the finger, no pain with daily activities, and any modifications to lifestyle or routine (outside of sports) are no longer needed.


We are on your bodies schedule, not the clock with these supportive and restorative therapies to assist healing along and promote normal return to joint shape, motion, and use.


The emailed link will last for 30 days, so be sure to download it quick!



  • File License Agreement

    This file is subject to copyright and is not to be shared online. This file is purchased in agreement that it is for use for yourself only. Not for your friends, team, college, or community. As Dr. Lisa also has student loans to pay off, any files that have been found to be publically shared or traded will be legally reprimanded to the fullest extent of the law.  Please recommend this material, do not pirate it to a friend ;-)

  • Sharing

    This file is for personal use and is not to be shared in full or in brevity (besides an exercise or two and a link to my page) on any websites, blogs, forums or on any facebook, instagram, or pinterest, etc. You MAY share the ideas with a link on where you got it from (my website) however, failure to use a link or to show me as the creator of this information would lead me to be sad, and I would have to ask you to take it down. I have student loans to pay off, please help me to use this as a means to an end in that department. I know climbers are frugal, so am I, but this chosen field of mine I chose to help you. Please help me.

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