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No matter what stage you’re at in your injury journey, the right tools can:

  • Save you stress and time researching and finding those plans and tools you THINK will work.(trimming your home care and rehab to chunks that give you more time to do what you love = a HUGE win!)

  • Support your growth as you move from injured, to almost healed, to pushing your body.

  • Save you thousands of dollars on pricey doctor visits, insurance co-pays and incorrect imaging.

The trick is knowing the right ones to use at the right stage — because there’s nothing worse than expensive useless tools sitting unused under your sofa or in your closet, am I right?

My commitment to you is that I will always recommend what I KNOW works. 

I experiment with tools and rehab plans to give you recommendations on what you need (and when you need it) so you can heal affordably and progress quickly through any stage of injury.

Recommendations & Offerings: