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Begin your journey to health today and start by buying this book. Focused on restoring your body to where it was before you began climbing, this text is a must read to understand common injury patterns. Highlighting common injuries between the shoulder and finger, you'll be able to form a self-care plan and understand rehab for many common climbing injuries including finger tendonitis, pulley injuries, evaluate for shoulder weakness due to rotator cuff injuries, and much more.  

Gain the Skills:

  •  Avoid common pitfalls in the prevention and treatment of common finger and forearm injuries.
  • Take my injury quiz to find missing links in your self-care, prevention, and training. 
  • Learn what treatments you can do yourself to unweight and mobilize overburdened joints and muscles.
  • Restore normal motion patterns to fingers, wrists and shoulders.
Learn to use the best of sports medicines self-care routines for optimal results with Climbing Injuries Solved. Get your body back to climbing year-round instead of being injured with my How-To sections that are changing the climbing world one athlete at a time...
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Climbing Injuries Solved: EBook

Get the digital edition in both PDF and ePUB- Focused on restoring your body to where it was before you began climbing, this book is a must read to understand common injury patterns. 


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The Finger Module 1 PDF

A detailed plan (40+ pages) for the most common finger injuries in climbers. Includes the important care and Phase 1 physiotherapy for climber pulleys, jammed fingers, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, and capsular sprains. Start with swelling control and joint mobility, move into safe and successful rehab exercises and begin your return to climbing the right way.

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"It is by far one of the best, if not the best, illustrated adaptations of climbing related injuries and recovery techniques I have ever read."

- Chris Hill