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Are you tired of being injured?

Of searching for the answers?


Check out my FREE step-by-step videos to gain those skills that you can apply immediately for your injury.  As you learn and practice applying these skills, there won't be an injury you can't help along with your tool belt of tricks. The only difference, is that I have been doing it longer!

If you get lost or stuck, or need a helping hand, don't hesitate to reach out to book a virtual visit.


IMPORTANT NOTE:   My goal is to empower you as an athlete to heal and to learn how your body functions. This is why my book is more of a text book on design, recovery and an intro rehab manual.  Heed this warning- Pad lightly in the areas of strengthening before you loosen any involved tissues and remove inflammation and swelling or your hard work might just backfire. This is the BIGGEST reason as to WHY many injuries just don't heal.

MEDICAL RELEASE:  The following videos are designed for educational purposes only. Injuries happen in many instances of life, so please be cautious when attempting any of these new techniques and please pick a local therapist guide (or consult your MD) if you feel that you need assistance or testing prior to attempting any of these self-care strategies. My recommendation is that you test and retest the area before and after care to see if it is more or less painful or flexible. Modify your self-care accordingly. 

As we all have different types of tissues and tones in the same region, please let pain be your guide and if something feels like it could be damaging, please stop and consult a provider for help.

Ok, that's my medical 'its not my fault if' lecture- Now, on to the (badly created) videos!!

The Climbing Doc Video Archives

The Climbing Doc Episode 1.

Intro Lumbar Rehab Exercises.

The Climbing Doc: Episode 3.

Intro to Pulley Tendon Injuries. 

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The Climbing Doc: E2.

KTape and Home Care for Injuries

The Climbing Doc: Episode 5. Armaid to the Rescue! 

The Climbing Doc: Episode 7. Overview of Phases 1-4 of Rehabilitation. 

The Climbing Doc E9.

Chronic Shoulder Injuries & the BIG Picture. 

The Climbing Doc: Episode 4.

Low back Pain and Hip Flexibility. 

Climbing Doc: Episode 6.

Arm Fix. Gear Preview for Forearm Solutions. 

The Climbing Doc: Episode 8.

Natural NSAIDS and Inflammation Control. 

The Climbing Doc E10.

Forearm Solutions: The Pin-and-Stretch Technique. 

The Climbing Doc E11.

Shoulder mobility and rogue fitness bands.

The Climbing Doc E12. Part 2.

Climbers tape vs. Kinesiotape. Taping pulleys and the specifics.

The Climbing Doc E14. Part 3.

Continued Kinesiotaping for the pulleys.

The Climbing Doc E16.

How-To Create Tissue Pliability for the Palm, Hand & Forearm. 

The Climbing Doc E12. Part 1.

Climbers tape vs. Kinesiotape

The Climbing Doc E13. Part 3.

Continued Kinesiotaping for the pulleys.

The Climbing Doc E15. 

Forearm warm-up tricks for the climber.

The Climbing Doc E18.

Hand Putty Tip of the Day.

The Climbing Doc E20.

Basic Elbow Anatomy & Injuries with Dr. L

The Climbing Doc E17.

Increase Wrist Motion with Wrist Mobility Drills.

The Climbing Doc E19.

Wrist Taping for Stability & Hypermobility.

The Climbing Doc E21.

Creating Ankle Motion: Mobs, Stretches and Self Care at Home.

The Climbing Doc E22.

Pulley Taping Styles: H-Taping vs. Swiss.

The Climbing Doc E24.

The 3 Most Common Setups for Shoulder Injuries with Dr. L.

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The Climbing Doc E23.

Shoulder Scapular Control Exercise of the Day...

The Climbing Doc E25.

 The Complete Therabar Flexbar Guide for Climbers. 

The Climbing Doc E27.

Focusing on controlling the movement patterns of finger exercises- (E26 Part 2).

The Climbing Doc E26.

Beginning Hand Stability Exercises with a Simple Rubber Band. 

The Climbing Doc E28.

Ankle rehab and education for those who are inquisitive. Beginning positioning and intro exercises for an example patient. 

The Climbing Doc E29.

My favorite easy to do rotator cuff rehab exercise. It is basic with minimal tools... 

But don't forget, positioning is everything!

The Climbing Doc E30.

Discussion of my Mobile Home Therapy Program. Want a plan for recovery?

$100 gets you your first month of rehab for the shoulder, elbow, or finger plus the tools that you need for success!

The Climbing Doc E31.

Spine anatomy and injury diagnosis for dummies (and nerds).  Vertebral injuries and symptoms without the fear. Learn where muscles attach and discuss disc and facet injuries, capsular sprains, spasms, and spondys. Lets work together! 

The Climbing Doc E32.

Rolling the Full Upper Arm Tutorial.  

Beginning with easy moves and advancing to difficult positioning, learn to roll your entire upper arm. 


Great for a warm-up or for untangling your tight regions to prevent or treat injuries.

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