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What to do About Achy Swollen PIP & DIP Finger Joints

Do you suffer from stiff swollen or puffy painful finger joints? Regardless of if you are an old crusty climber with a stiff rigid painless joint OR a new aggressive climber with a hot puffy tender joint, this episode is just for you!

Climber Finger #1: Lack of range of motion, increased size of the joint, stiffness but NO PAIN.

Climber Finger #2: Puffy, tender and irritated with load and easily inflamed with use (PAIN).

Of course, you could have one or both going on in your hand so today, we walk through what is actually going on under the skin and give you a step-by-step approach for each with comparisons and contrasting recommendations that you can implement NOW.

Today, we delve into ideas and customized self-care strategies. Some of you need to work directly ON the joint with flexibility and mobility in regards to rigid, stiff fingers. Conversely, inflamed fingers would get worse with this approach.

Sound confusing? Don't worry, I've got you!

Today on Un-Sprained, we discuss both finger injury types for your distal finger joints (DIP Joints) and middle finger joint (PIP Joints) to give you ideas and pointers that you can implement NOW in regards to tweaking your self-care and the training volume for the better. Regardless of if you have a chronic injury, one that flares up with load, or something that is new, hot and puffy.

I'm excited about this, I hope you are too!!

Join me to compare and contrast stiff swollen PAINLESS joints with HOT puffy painful joints to get the most out of your self-care approach. And your season.

Listen Now:

In Today's Episode we Discuss:

>> Proper taping for inflammation >> The why of unloading your joints >> Dietary changes for inflammation control (if needed) >> When to go on an anti-inflammatory diet before a big trip >> The differences between care for painless stiff vs hot puffy joints >> Finger mobilizations and self-tests >> Adaptions to climbing that can be bony and tender

>> And more!

I hope you join me for this MUST LISTEN podcast based on my most visited article on DIP joint injuries. Since writing this article MANY years ago, I was excited to come back with fresh ideas and better pointers so you can thrive at your own self-care and rehab.

I can't wait to see how your modifications to your climbing and your self-care make all the difference in your finger health in the long run.

Drop me a comment below and let me know what you thought?

And if you like this Fresh NEW podcast, be sure to share it with your climbing community (in a forum, on a page, or wherever you climb) so others can also improve their journey to health.

See you soon! Same great time, same great place! And reach out with questions or ideas, we work better as a team!!


Dr. Lisa


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