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What's your NEXT Big Goal? 


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Off-season stability. My favorite 10 that all climbers should be able to do.

Get started with hand putty. The 101.
Putty not included.

Newbie freebies
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Join me on March 15th at 7pm (Colorado time)

for a 90 minute lecture for those looking to boost their skillsets and take their self-care to the next level. Strengthen fingers, boost warm-ups, and implement injury prevention strategies that work.  

We will Cover:

  >>  How to improve endurance without injury.

  >>  Hand Web Warm-ups & 5x5 Workout.

  >>  Rice Bucket Benefits and Uses.

  >>  Flex Bar Wrist Strengthening

  >>  Tricks to improve finger dexterity and control.

  >>  Rehab for a newbie or a veteran.

  >>  Homework you can implement immediately.

Injured climbers are welcome!

Learn more by clicking below.

New To Self-care + Prevention?

Veteran Freebies

Learn the basics of self-care and prevention.

Guided tutorials, downloads and freebies on the following topics are just for you: 


>> Volume Growth without Injury

>> Skills to decrease inflammation + pain

>> How to care for your body to prevent injury

>> Should I be hang-boarding or campusing? 

>>Common newbie injuries to keep an eye on.

Newbies are exceptionally predisposed to injuries from climbing as their tendons and bony attachments are not as built up as a veteran climber, and they have increased abnormal loading from not-yet-streamlined technique.

Veteran Climber who wants to LEARN More?

Join me to continue to prevent your acquired (and yet unhealed) injuries and to control unnecessary wear and tear to joints and tendons. Join me to learn the missing windows of self-care and gain valuable prevention ideas to implement now. 

Guided tutorials, downloads and freebies on the following topics. 


>> Intensity Growth without Injury.

>> Judging how much is too much.

>> How to care for your body to prevent injury

>> Tricks to unload abused unhappy fingers.

>> Lessons to support your shoulders, elbows and fingers with stability, control and prevention.

>> Insight into how to manage past injuries to keep them from coming back again or getting worse.

Veterans are predisposed to degeneration of flexor tendons and recurring pulley injuries.  Your technique is less likely to create injury than your choices on position, load and home-care.

Climbers tape vs Kinesiotape. (VIDEO)

How to use an ArmAid. (VIDEO)

Doing your own Active Release: The Pin and Stretch Technique (VIDEO)

Forearm Warm-up Tricks (Video)

Shoulder Mobility Drills (VIDEO)

Palm + Hand Pliability Drills (VIDEO)

Chronic Shoulder Injuries + Big Picture. (VIDEO)

Wrist Mobility Drills (VIDEO)

Most of you do great with my online options, others need more assistance.
If you would like to take it to the next level and book an in-person appointment for the ultimate help, click the button on the left to go to my online 24-Hour booking system.
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