Torn muscle? What to do about it, and how to do it.

It’s not every day that you pull a muscle, but when you do, WHAT should you do about it? My friend, if your answer is STRETCHING, you are way behind on the self-care scene.

I am here to help with what research and modern PT has changed.

Pssst. This article pairs nicely with my Un-Sprained Podcast, Episode 26, Forearm Sprains. I hope you take a listen if you prefer to learn in an auditory format ;-)

As climbers, we are a injury prone community. We hurt our fingers, our elbows and our forearms most often. Statistics on our favorite sport show that the average climber not only has more than one injury, but has also had it for more than one year.

This is pretty scary, in regards to ensuring you can climb for the long run, with as few injuries as possible side-lining you. We should be able to play hard AND recover right?!

If you feel like any of these scenarios are you (you either have an injury, or aren't healed even if a year has passed) , welcome to my site and yes, you are invited to join right in to begin working on perfecting your self-care journey, wherever it might find you.

Today we discuss forearm tears, or strains (the what, how and why) and what you need to know about healing from them.

I’ll give you step by step tricks of what NOT to do, and a few examples of why we recommend specific new techniques for rehab based on new research. My friends, if you are needing help on this topic, your world is about to change.

But first...