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Supportive Material for Episode 32...

I promised you a FREE bonus download in today's episode on numbness of the hand and finger.


As the MOST common scenario in a climber (non- traumatic scenario) is TOS, or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I've created you a present to start you on the right track.


No hoops, no hooks, just free information for YOU. But please let pain be your guide and enter these exercises gently, assuming that they will miake you sore. If you have questions or notice that your symptoms get WORSE, reach out or contact your local PT  (physical therapist) for a diagnostic visit.  


My present to you, check out these exercises, a downloadable PDF with the reps, frequency, and a printable program to follow. HOW COOL! This is an example program of what I create for my patients as one more action checklist item of recovery. I hope you enjoy it!!!


If you are quick enough to catch this at release, you have 30 days to view these videos and listen to the exercises. The rest of you get to follow the exercises in this PDF alone. Check the PDF for the code to get access to these online (if within 30 days of the release of this podcast). 

Don't fret if you aren't able to view this in time and have missed your window to view these videos. I am happy to create custom homework and a PT self-care program specific to your exact needs. Book a visit today so I can meet you where you are on your healthcare journey. 


Dr. Lisa

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