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Excited to learn?
I lead guided Spotlight workshops for rock climbers, coaches and medical providers on climbing specific injuries and return to climbing.

Check out what I've cooked up!

Join me for a Spotlight Course.

My Proven Winner
Injury Spotlight Course:
Flexor Tendon vs. Pulley Injuries

Are you looking for a good medical-based tutorial on what you can do to avoid rock climbing injuries?


This Spotlight workshop essentially hands you the tools to up your game with prevention strategies that work. With handouts, worksheets and step-by-step guidance to up your confidence and your climbing, you are going to love this Spotlight Course.


My Promise to You:


Those who show up walk away with SO much more confidence in their applications of self-care and training. You not only will leave with an action plan for diagnosing pulley vs flexor tendon injuries, I will hold your hand to give you step-by-step processes that have worked for countless other climbers.

Even if you are climbing on a nasty old pulley.

Or "tendonitis" that just won't heal.

If you join this Spotlight course, you will be given Step-by-Step Processes for these issues to aid your self-care & training plan:


>>   Guidance for hot new pulley injuries.

>>  Chronic tendon pain action steps.

>>  What steps to take with a new injury.

>>  What holds are the safest for past tears.

>>  How to manage pain on sharp holds.

>>  And Much Much More!



At the bargain deal of just $59  for a deep 2-hour immersion, this price includes many BONUS downloads including a training plan template, an unloading checklist, and a research based pulley rehab chart. You also have the option to review the course again!


This Spotlight lecture is cost effective and often  cheaper than a visit to your local hand specialist

I also pull together information you might be able to find reading the 40+ research articles but I blend this information with real clinical experience on how your recovery can benefit from  a little special tweaking here and there.  


Usually it's the small details that can make the most difference to keep you in health.

Learn those here and with me!

Also, when you sign up for this course, you will walk away with the tricks, skills and action plans that your Doctor either doesn't have time or the know-how to give you in just one visit.


With this Spotlight, you can now make a major overhaul to your training and get back to doing what you love with the confidence that you are not hurting your body. 


How to Show Up: 


It's easy, I email you a single use web address to log into from your phone, tablet or computer. No software download, no stress. And ALL of it is available afterwards through another follow-up link I email you, so you can skip the notes and just let it sink in. I PROMISE you that you will learn something new that helps you right away.


>> Download files as I drop them and upload your confidence gainers one by one.

>> You to have full access to the event afterwards and can watch it again at your leisure for this low introductory price.  


>> Join other clients from ALL over the world attending as well as some big names in the climbing sports medicine realm.


I'm excited to bring ALL of you bite sized information from my specialized realm of climbing injury solutions. 

See you soon?


   Dr. Lisa



Virtual Event Details: 


Finger Injury Spotlight:

Flexor Tendon vs. Pulley Injuries


Location: Your SOFA!

Date: May 1st, 2022 7pm (Colorado Time)

Registration closes 30 minutes prior to the event.  

Register Here



Course Outline: 

Module 1: Anatomy of the finger

Module 2: Injury Loads and Pain Scenarios

Module 3: A2 Copycats and Impersonators

Module 4: Client Examples

Diagnosing, these two very different but overlapping structures and their injuries can be hard. Join me LIVE to learn everything you need to know about flexor tendon and pulley tendon pain patterns, symptoms, and unloading them. 


Money-Back Guarantee


If you aren't satisfied with my lecture, and don't feel it completes my core promises above, then I promise you your money back hassle-free. Show up, do the work, this guarantee is good for 30 days if you can show you put these steps into action AND still aren't satisfied with my Spotlight.



SO act now, and grab this deal before your time is up and enjoy this workshop risk free.

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