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Dr. Lisa Erikson-Brin DC CCAP

Welcome to my Practice.

An avid sports medicine provider specializing in climbers, I offer virtual injury-specific coaching to every corner of the world as well as local climbing specific advanced imaging, treatment and guidance at gyms in the Colorado Front Range. Need care and hiding from C-ovid19? Perfect! Read on!


A climber myself, I have lectured, written and educated for Climbing MagazineMens Health, Mountain Project and been the past traveling medical provider for USA Climbing. I offer traveling lectures, having traveled as far as Seattle Bouldering Project or Petra Cliffs in Burlington VT.

As a mentor and educator, I wrote

the self-care book Climbing Injuries Solved to help you understand and recover from climbing injuries regardless of where you live. Get as involved as you want by booking a visit, buying my ebook, or browse my free articles on this website (and on YouTube). Need support or guidance on your journey?

Reach out and I'm happy to help.

I happily provide receipts for insurance.

Learn more about me here.

Dr Lisa Erikson

Podcast Appearances:

Hear Dr. Lisa's insights with Neely Quinn on Episode 26 of Training Beta. We discuss a variety of health topics as related to climbing including: how to recognize and treat finger injuries, self-care strategies for the finger & hand, forearm injuries and the truth about ice, and the important benefits of immersion baths. 


Fingers are pretty important to us.  At some point, all of us will have a tweak, twinge, or injury, and we'll need to know how to deal with that.  In this episode we dive deep into the methods behind dealing with finger injuries.  We talk taping, acupressure rings, voodoo floss, ultrasound, self diagnosis, and more. 


Dr Lisa discusses injury care on the podcast ChalkTalk with host John Blomquist- a Rock Climber, Route Setter and Climbing Industry Expert.


Episode 23 covers how to diagnose, prevent, and recover properly from climbing’s most notorious injuries, cross-training for climbing and its benefits, and researching a fledgling sport.

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What does a visit cost?

My current pricing is available on the booking page. Click HERE to see my rates.


I accept credit, Paypal, HSA and FlexSpend Cards and bill all major insurance companies as an out of network provider. Please email me if you have questions regarding your insurance coverage. 

Who is my ideal patient?

As my practice is past full with a newborn in my life, I have had to turn patients away. My ideal new patient is someone who is willing to do their homework and is willing to follow a plan. You can be an athlete of any type who feels diminished life enjoyment of any kind due to aches or pains. Most importantly, my ideal patient is one that wants to live life at 110% and is devoted completely to achieving the goal of health and prevention, regardless of their age or what society tells them. With this said, my visits are vigorous and problem focused and your homework will be 2 pronged focusing on both your injury and also on unloading it with attention to your daily life, work and /or  training habits .


More specifically, my care and coaching would be a great fit if:


  • You want to be free of chronic or new muscle or joint pain.

  • You desire to use your body for years to come not just next week.

  • You're tired of blank stares when you ask your doctor for recommendations or exercises.

  • Your friends and family don't understand how to help you on your journey to health.

  • Your tired of waiting for your current doctor or therapist to get the job done.

  • You feel as if your issues haven't been addressed with main stream medicine.

  • You are tired of taking pain pills or ignoring your bodies warning signs.

  • You're ready to commit to a new plan and to engage in home-care that will change your life.


We're not a good choice for a team if you:


  • Are in a financial crisis and are unable to afford to pay for care at time of service. 

  • Depend on your health insurance to cover healing and prevention (which most do not).

  • Are unable to trust or to take recommendations from your medical provider.

  • Feel as if your friends won't allow you to heal, and you're unwilling to hold back.

  • Can't make the time to devote to your rehabilitation exercises or attending your visits.

  • Care more about cost of your visits and lose sight of the cost of not being healthy.

  • Are skeptical about being able to heal OR belive that you can't heal.


What Drives Me?

I have been told many times that a maximum of 15 minutes are all a provider such as myself should spend with a patient. I'm not going to practice that way, period. My care is special because I blend every type of care needed to give maximum benefit... This core truth and focus is why I believe my patients thrive.


I choose to be a sports chiropractor because I love making a difference. I want to be able to enjoy running and climbing myself as well as to show you how to also balance your work with your adventures.  Life is worth living, which is why I want to empower others to also maximize their experience. I've spent years in different areas of sports medicine as a patient myself. I want to cut out the waste and trim the fat on getting you healthy. I get excited easily about your opportunities and I'm pushing up my sleeves before every visit.


Why is My Care Different?


My patients are my priority, not my pocket book.  I've decided to focus entirely on YOU in elongated visits that you just can't find anywhere else.  I know, I've worked at many physio clinics which have you doing exercises while they work on someone else. I want to give you the most for your time and strive to heal you with a deeply focused visit, each and every time.  Regardless of if you visit me at my clinic or via Skype, benefit from YOU centered care and planning. 

I belive teamwork and focused therapy is what it is all about.  I enjoy finding new techniques that increase your benefits, in motion, in lifestyle, and in finally not being afraid to use your body...

I'm excited to share them with you. We decide as a team where you want to go with your rehab. My job is to merely lay out your options and then to support you while you choose whichever strategy resonates with you. The proof is in the pudding, improve and feel the benefits for yourself.


I constantly push myself to see how much better I can be, at time management, at healing my own body, at healing yours. I'm tired of being told that I can't give my patients what they need in one visit. If you want to recover from an injury, or are told that your pain is hopeless unless you undergo a disgustingly expensive surgery or 24 pack of visits, I'm here just for you.


Instead of modern medicine's draw to drugs and surgery, I'd like to invite you to join the shift and to put health into your own hands with my gentle techniques.  Avid climber or not, let's do what your other doctors didn't and take the time to do and heal you correctly from the start.

Professional Qualifications:
Ongoing post-doctorate training in Advanced Movement Therapies, Sports Medicine, Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Sports and Biomechanical-Specific Research, and the ongoing Biomechanics of Posture.
Past Head Medical for USAClimbing American Bouldering Series and Sport Climbing National Championships 2012-2015.
Medical sponsor of great climbers such as:
  • Daniel Woods (2008-2012)
  • Courtney Woods (2008-2016)
  • Angie Payne (2012-2015)
  • David Graham (2013-2014)
Graduate Medical Internship in radiology, chiropractic  and physiotherapy at Colorado Spine and Sport.
Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic West. – 2008
  •  President of the CBP Biomechanics of Posture Club. -2007-2008
  • Worked at 13+ Medical Tents for many non-climbing World Championships including  all those in the south Sanfrancisco Bay area from 2006-2008 including  the sports of downhill and mountain bike/track cycling, the Highland Games, and mixed martial arts.
  • Medical Staff for the San Jose Ballet 2008.
Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience and Biology from Montana State University– 2004
Climbing Industry Involvement:
Past invited guest lecturer for the American Climbing Wall Association at CU Boulder
Guest lecturer for the following clubs/companies: 
  • Seattle Bouldering Project
  • PetraCliffs Burlington
  • University of Colorado Alpine Club
  • Friends of Eldorado
  • Boulder Area Rock Climbing Association
  • Neptune Mountaineering
  • Backcountry Experience Durango
Past donations as an advertising sponsor for the non-profits including: 
  •  American Safe Climbing Association
  •  Leave no Trace
  • Paradox Sports
  • American Alpine Club.
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