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Un-Sprained Episode 5: Tape That Finger

How to be the master of your universe... Or your finger.

First, can I ask you for something? Can you go to this link and fill out my questionnaire??, It would help me SO SO much and allow ME to understand how you yourself tape.

Perhaps just a few questions go a long way to unraveling the universe?

Or to keep your tape from unraveling at least?

This podcast episode is from a listener/client who reached out and asked me, "Hey Lisa, what form of taping should I BE doing for my pulley injury? Some say H-Taping, some say circular (swiss) taping, others are into this X-taping thing... Help!"

Well, I've hopefully come to the rescue with this podcast episode, Tape That Finger to help to inform your choice. The BIG 3, buddy taping, climbers tape, and kinesiotape. We discuss each at length. And Leukotape of course!

Above: As covered in the podcast, my favorite tape job for A3 or flexor digitorum superficialis irritation/tendonosis: A blend of stability AND compression to unload A3 and the PIP joint by unloading the whole system while allowing for flexibility.

First we ask WHY we are taping, usually this is well before we begin to discuss the HOW and actually tape your finger. Your CHOICE of tape and application is dependent of course on your needs, are they performance, inflammation, perhaps stability? Deciding this first will help you feel a little more secure in your tactics.

Reasons for Tape:

  • Stability Control

  • Overall increased control

  • Increased Proprioception of that joint or that finger

  • Decreased swelling

  • As a reminder

  • Perhaps mental support

  • To decrease wear and tear (abrasions)

In this episode we cover where rehab meets the big 3, Swiss taping, H taping, and buddy taping. Why one not fit into your routine for training for climbing and the use of another will keep you on top of swelling and your recovery.

What happens when stability taping doesn't work over a joint, say for a pulley?

Why we can correct for poor finger performance with brain training for our fingers using (you guessed it) tape. And color.

Tape is not only for stability, but for injury control, inflammation, proprioception, retraining motor control, and of course, for looking cool... Or did I get that wrong?! Safety 3rd some of you say... After looking good and having fun!

Did I mention brightly colored finger weights? Whats up with that? And more on this weeks episode of Un-Sprained. If you like it. Share it! Now wherever you find your podcasts.


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