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The KnotOut  XS Forearm Roller

The KnotOut XS Forearm Roller

Our best selling forearm roller to loosen muscular knots and unweight tired muscles and joints. Use high-pressure roller for regions you really want to go deep. This roller is perfect for feet, palms, forearms and triceps.

    Our most popular forearm and foot roller.

    .5 inches in diameter by 4 inches long.

    The shape of this roller makes it my go-to for elbow and forearm issues. Its small diameter and options for soft or hard balls make it a stable tool that you can use on the wall or the floor to get into deep or superficial regions. 

    Recommended at 4 minutes per day (TOTAL) per region, start soft and light as the muscle begins to loosen to your pressure. Then press more deeply as the body allows, letting pain be your guide to untangling even the worst of musclular and tendinous injuries.  Use it daily to decrease tissue tightness, release knots, and to restore your agility in wrists, forearms, and elbows adn watch Dr. Lisa's videos on HOW-To use it on Youtube.

    This tool is a GREAT addition for your self-care kit. This tool balances well with any self-care routine to provide the deep tissue tool for regional care.

    Use this small region specific roller also on feet and calves and feel the difference as to why it outshines any other roller and gets you out of the injury zone so you THRIVE.


    This item is returnable within 7 days for replacement or refund. We do not pay return shipping.

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