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Book and Ebook Combo Pack

Book and Ebook Combo Pack

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Get both the ebook and the paperback of this lovely colorful and modern text. Covering common climbing injuries & self-care from the finger to the shoulder, learn with beautiful 3D images with DIY recipes for success.
  • Product Detail

    Focused in depth on prevention and care for the fingers, forearms and shoulder, this book is the cumulation of KickStarter funding by 139 climbing enthusiasts. Thanks to those who helped make my book a reality. 

    Aimed at teaching you how to work on yourself, Climbing Injuries Solved will finally allow you to understand that overuse injury or why you are chronically injured.  Not only will you learn WHY, you will also learn the HOW that your doctor can't tell you to get back to 100%. Begin with an injury quiz to find your weaknesses and misunderstandings and then progress from there with new tricks and tools taken from all ranges of sports medicine because they WORK. 

    Layout and final editing done by staff at California Climber and Climbing Magazine, beautiful 3-D climber modeling done by Milos Tutus. 

    Access hidden tricks and learn about treatments and care ideas for pro climbers and weekend warriors alike. Allow yourself to finally heal injured finger pulleys and any chronic tendonitis by unweighting it, supporting it and learning how to untangle the injury at its cause.  Back to healthy, this book is the cumulation of learnings from numerous pro climbers who have graced my medical tent and my office.



    Paperback, 216 Pages. Full cover. 6x9 inch softcover. Mailed usually within 2 days unless a holiday weekend.


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    We can wrap it and/or enclose it with a gift card! Do you want the receipt NOT enclosed? Let us know. 

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    Contact me to learn more:  *Buyer is responsible for any duty/tax incurred upon arrival.*

  • Refund & Returns:

    This book is returnable within 7 days of purchase for a exchange or replacement. We split shipping.  Signs of wear and tear or markings of any kind by pen invalidate the return policy. As the ebook is non-returnable, I do not allow full returns on this combo set (hope you understand!). To date, I've never had a book returned! -Dr. L

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