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I specialize in complicated injuries with failure to resolve including finger, elbow & shoulder injuries.

Including overuse injuries, recovery and management of old trauma, and new sport specific specialized tendon and joint recovery strategies.

Need help NOW? 

Grab my book (e-book or paperback), injury specific recovery plans, or consider booking a telehealth visit today to get started with your optimal recovery plan. Join me to determine your correct starting place for your recovery, rehab. I even offer step-by-step guidance for your training, recovery, or time off.

NEW to Telehealth or Virtual (remote) Healthcare?

Much  what can be done in offie can be done in a face-to-face online setting. Get simple, actionable step-by-step guidance and a treatment plan you can trust. Learn what an e-visit includes here. Or check out my reviews from climbers just like you.

Feel free to  peruse my website for free downloadable self-care guides, videos and step-by-step tutorials. Don't forget to check out my latest Podcast Episode!
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Get my Book:

Climbing Injuries Solved


Focused in depth on prevention and care for the fingers, forearms and shoulder, this book is

aimed at teaching you HOW to work on yourself.

Access hidden sports medicine tricks and learn about treatments and care ideas for pro climbers and weekend warriors alike. Finally heal that injured finger, pulleys and any chronic tendonitis by unweighting it, supporting it and learning how to untangle the injury at its root cause.  Back to healthy, this book is the cumulation of learnings from numerous pro climbers who have graced my medical tent and my office. I'm honored to work with you.

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Learn more HERE. 


A Climbing Injury Podcast 

Episode 32: Climbing and Finger Numbness.

Wondering what your numbness is all about? Today we delve into blunt injuries, nerve trauma, and those nerve symptoms that come from upstream (think elbow, shoulder or neck).

Topics Covered in this Episode: 

>> Finger Compression Injuries
>> Blunt "Wacks" on the rock
>> Swelling vs. nerve damage
>> Common causes of numb fingers in climbers
>> Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in Climbers (TOS)
>> Shoulder vs. Neck related finger numbness
>> When numbness becomes permanent
>> Maintenance vs Management of Numbness 
>> Patient examples (which have healed)
>> And MORE


Did I mention I have a FREE handout for mobility and unloading of neck pain and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (the most common cause of finger numbness in climbers at my clinic). Check out these FREE exercises and get an example of a guided rehab program with one click.

Listen here.

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 #prevention #trainingforclimbing #handnumbness
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All Clients Take 20% Off 

ANY Supplements:

Not healing because of nutritional woes?

Problem solved.

Meet Wellevate. The newest addition to my healing arsenal, my clients use Wellevate for a big jump in their healing cycle.  Wellevate is THE virtual medical-grade dispensary offering hundreds of professional medical grade supplements from a verified distributor. Shipped fresh from the producer means no sitting on my shelf and fresh current ingredients.

Simply create an account  to get 20% off of thousands of supplements from 100's of the top brand names like Nordic Naturals, Pure Encapsulations and Designs for Health (plus many many more).  

Doctor's Note: 

When you buy supplements from a trusted source, you ensure higher efficacy, proper storage and handling, and no cheap fillers or junk.  Fix those holes in your injury routine and bombproof your season now by getting your collagen, vitamins, or fish . 




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