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From the cover of Climbing Injuries Solved, Sasha DiGiulian, 2015.

Sick of Being Injured?

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Guidance for climbers, coaches and medical providers on climbing specific injuries and return to climbing.
With love from Colorado, USA. 
Feeling lost? Wondering what to do next? Confused on why you aren't where you want to be after all your hard efforts? Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa
a climbing injury coach, clinician, and founder of Climbing Injuries Solved

Join me virtually through my Podcast, read my book, or for a Master Class to learn for yourself how to get across that invisible bridge, with my help. Learn more about me here.
Un-Sprained Podcast  NOW AVAILABLE!

  Listen along as we discuss weekly topics that you have picked out! Based on your questions and mistakes over 10+ years in my clinic, this show will surely teach you something.  From climbing injuries, to mistakes in self-care, to you refusing to stop rubbing that finger bump. Ask up, listen up!

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