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From the cover of Climbing Injuries Solved, Sasha DiGiulian, 2015.

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An avid sports medicine provider specializing in climbers, I offer virtual injury-specific coaching to every corner of the world as well as local climbing specific advanced imaging, treatment and guidance at gyms in the Colorado Front Range. Need care and hiding from C-ovid19? Perfect! Read on!


A climber myself, I have lectured, written and educated for Climbing MagazineMens Health, Mountain Project and been the past traveling medical provider for USA Climbing. I offer traveling lectures, having traveled as far as Seattle Bouldering Project or Petra Cliffs in Burlington VT.

As a mentor and educator, I wrote

the self-care book Climbing Injuries Solved to help you understand and recover from climbing injuries regardless of where you live. Get as involved as you want by booking a visit, buying my ebook, or browse my free articles on this website (and on YouTube). Need support or guidance on your journey?

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Offering Guidance and Care For:
- Elbow, Forearm and Wrist Pain
- Finger Injuries (Pulley, Flexor Tendons, Nodules, Sore Spots)
- Sprains or Strains of any Region
- Rotator Cuff or Labrum Injuries of the Shoulder
- Multiple Injury Sites and/or Chronic Pain
- Hangboard, Campus, or other Training Injuries
- Jammed and Sprained Fingers
- Fractures & Growth-plate Injuries
- Numbness or Tingling of Arm or Shoulder
- Event or Travel Injury Support & Management
Diagnostic Ultrasound Climber Finger

Diagnostic Ultrasound of Your Injury

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Advanced Diagnosis and Care of Pain Syndromes

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