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I guide climbers through their injury needs. Peruse my website for free downloadable self-care guides, videos and step-by-step tutorials and consider joining me for a  guided Spotlight workshop.

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Injury Spotlight Course:
Flexor Tendon vs. Pulley Injuries

Are you looking for a good medical-based tutorial on what you can do to avoid rock climbing injuries?


This Spotlight workshop essentially hands you the tools to up your game with prevention strategies that work.

If you join this course, you will be given Step-by-Step Processes including:


>>  Guidance for hot new pulley injuries.

>>  Chronic tendon pain action steps.

>>  What steps to take with a new injury.

>>  What holds are the safest for past tears.

>>  How to manage pain on sharp holds.

>>  And Much Much More!

Make a major overhaul to your training and get back to doing what you love with the confidence that you are not hurting your body. I'll also give you a killer deal on it TODAY if you are serious about protecting your health... 

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A Climbing Injury Podcast 

Episode 9: 

Looking for an action plan to help you heal from your climbing injury? You are in the right place friend, I'm here to guide you step by step through pulley injuries, treatment strategies you can implement NOW, and I lay out your overall return to climbing plan. 


On this podcast episode we discuss the nitty-gritty of:


  >>  Taping strategies

  >>  How much time to take off

  >>  What is a bad pulley injury

  >>  Climbing while healing.

  >>  Research on pulley recovery, intervention + management

  >>  Updating your self-care plan immediately.

  >>  Climbing modifications as you return.



Consider this me holding your hand. You might just be thinking about returning to climbing after an injury and worried you might be missing something, or you are currently going through the ups and the downs of taking time off. Rest assured, I've got your back!

Listen here. 

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Other Introductory Programs & Tools: 

New To Self-care + Prevention?

Learn the basics of self-care and prevention....

Guided tutorials, downloads and freebies on the following topics are just for you. 


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Veteran Climber who wants to LEARN More?

Join me to continue to prevent your acquired (and yet unhealed) injuries and to control unnecessary wear and tear to joints and tendons. Join me to gain valuable prevention ideas to implement now. 

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Are you an Injured Elite Climber?
OR one Needing HELP solving an injury?

If you are making the decision whether to climb on an injury or to give up a season to let it heal, you might just want a second opinion. Bring in your x-rays, MRIS or diagnostic ultrasounds and your other doctors guidance so we can have a CHAT one on one to decide what is best for you. 

When you are making big decisions that can affect your sponsorships, your podium finish, or your future in climbing as a sport, it's not worth making a rash decision. 

Together I'll give you my recommendations from different perspectives: If you were my patient, if you were my brother or sister, and based on what I have seen from my climbers who chose either path. 

Sometimes its not cut or dry and both decisions have major repercussions. 


>> Doing big climbing moves on injury watch zones.

>> Are you ready to redpoint again?

>> HOW LIKELY is your injury to progress with use?

>> Does time off make a difference?

>> Should I keep pushing to perform? Take a week or month off? What are my risks?

>> Insight into how to manage past injuries to keep them from coming back again or getting worse.


Professional climbers and elite athletes are exceptionally predisposed to worsening and unhealed injuries that may progress into surgery and end of sport. Guidance is based on the BEST choice for them and their situation. and does not match recommendations for other athletes as we are not always focused on prevention (or returning their body back to IDEAL or TEXTBOOK). Unless you are competing in a World Cup, Olympics or Qualifier, the discussion and decisions are based on your injury but also take into account how treatment recommendations affect your future in climbing in the long run as well as short term and are treated as such. 

Professional or elite climbers might qualify for discounted care at my clinic. Contact me for  details to learn more. ;-)

Are you an Influencer?

An elite climber that does it full time (non-student, not part time?) Then you might qualify for my Social Influencer Deal .


Fine Print Details:

Influencer or sponsored climber must qualify for free care with the following: Is currently competing or has competed in National or World-Cup qualifiers in the past OR is currently setting grades outside with new FAs or qualifies with other climbing lore.

Must have more than 1,000 followers on social media  (Ticktock, Instagram or Twitter) and post weekly at a minimum to either.

Athlete must be willing to tag @theclimbingdoc and comment on care with @theclimbingdoc and post photos of homework/exercises given by Dr. L for advertisement use by Climbing Injuries Solved, Dr, Lisa Brin DC Inc. and The Climbing Doc websites. In trade, Dr. Lisa will look over x-rays, MRIs, CTs and MSK Ultrasounds and help oversee training plans and physiotherapy routines. Max of 2 visits per year unless emergency occurs. Dr. Lisa reserves the right to cancel such agreement at anytime without prior notice in writing.

Contact Me:

Tel: 970-452-1128


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