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Yay! Warning Signs.

This podcast gives a TON of inforamtion on finger injuries and the step-by-step care that you can do at HOME to heal yourself. When in doubt, ask your doc or yoru local physical therapist. If you don't have one, reach out and I am happy to personally oversee your rehab.

Untangling finger stiffness can lead you at a fork, you are forced to decide if you are CURRENTLY injured, or if you are now healed but understandably now still stiff and rigid as a result.


How to decide?


Here is a page out of my book to help you to make this decision. 


How to Listen to this Episode:



Click above. Put it on automatic download from wherever you get your Podcasts so you never miss a show.


Upcoming topics include more guest appearances, taping for specific injuries, the top 5 avoidance mentalities to support for proper injury recovery, and how hang-boarding is SUPPOSED to be added in to your rehab and progression in climbing. 


If it resonates with you I hope you share it with a friend, on social media, and by all means, join me for my upcoming class on Finger strength and stability with my new favorite rehab device, the  Hand Web.(P.S.Get 15% off the web with code THANKS15 this week only!)


Supportive Video Links

We hit up three self-care ideas that you can do for yourself . These take practice and as always, discuss them with your provider prior to using them to ensure you have the right diagnosis and the right treatment plan ;-)

Additional Material: 

1. GUASHA/Wavetool  Video

2. Finger Injury Self-Care for Mobility Exercises

Interested in doing MORE self-care and rehab? Check out the tools below to give yourself some options for lightweight portable warm-ups for the crag.

And please, if this podcast helped you I hope you consider sharing it and spreading more education through the community ;-)

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Episode 29: Why that stiff rigid finger won't bend and what to do about it.Dr. Lisa Brin DC CCAP
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