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Work with me to gain that assistance that you've been needing.

Together we'll modify your plan to implement my clinical knowledge and pearls of wisdom gained from review of your case with the newest research. Together, we'll figure it out. Your coaching goes as far as you need-

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When I begin working with Clients, I often ask them these 3 simple questions: 
1. What is your view of your injury and how does it stop you from doing what you love?
2. Is there anything work or lifestyle related that is holding you back from achieving your goals? 
3. How far you want to go with your coaching and your learning?
Based on your desires, we can then define your true goals and then work to customize a plan that is built around your current schedule and needs. 


Often the same old injury does not heal because we miss little bits of our self-care and mis understand our doctor's mis-voiced recommendations.


If you decide we would work well together I will personally custom design a self-care and rehabilitation regime that works for you. As no two climbers ortheir injuries are the same, my insight and specific self-care modality recommendations are made with your exact injury in mind. Review of x-rays, MRI, and diagnostic ultrasound also available for additional rate or are included for short consults.


Feel like a Pro too with one-on-one coaching from the best. Your injury will never sound so simple with clear treatment protocols, discussed home care modifications and techniques that simple doctor's visits do not have the time to provide.



Maria I- July 7, 2015

Super knowledgeable and helpful with my specific, climbing-related finger injury. Provided physical therapy "homework", and imparted a significant amount of understanding to my situation. Really psyched on continuing to work with Lisa!

You would make a good patient if:  


  • You want to be able to climb longer without pain.

  • You want to learn self-care and prevention.

  • You need help trouble shooting why you havn't yet healed. 

  • You are firmly invested in your recovery and your health.

  • You are willing to make time for your appointments.

  • You can afford care to set you up for success.


Your injury will never sound so simple with a thorough and clear understanding of the mechanism behind your aches and pains and the exact treatment protocols to untangle this set-up laid out for you in words and videos on a weekly basis. 



We will NOT be a Good Match if:


  • You don't have time for weekly meetings or miss meetings.

  • You haven't make healing a priority or forget homework.

  • You are in financial crisis and cannot afford the program.

  • You plan to disregard climbing recommendations while under care or refuse to take time to heal.



Why do I Care?


My goal is to teach prevention and to make our sport healthy. For years I have helped with USAClimbing medical and it is my passion to remove the constraints of mis-management and forgotten prevention techniques.  I look forward to helping you to reach optimal climbing condiition and to help keep you there. 








Elz D - Dec 9, 2015

After looking at all the information presented on Dr. Lisa's website, I felt good about scheduling an appointment with her. The ability to schedule online was a huge bonus. Dr. Lisa creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and the care I receive is wonderful. In addition to the bodywork, I greatly appreciate the preventative information shared with me. I can feel myself healing and learning ways to avoid future injury.

Mailing Address:

104 Blackstock Dr Unit 1

Crested Butte Colorado 81224


Call Me: 970-452-1128


 email Me:

Questions? See Our FAQ >

Coaching/Medical Questions? Ask Dr. Lisa. 


I'd love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have. Please fill out the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. As I am in practice full time in my clinic ( your email may need to wait until lunch time or after work. Thanks for reaching out!

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