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 Episode 16 cover perfect warmups.jpg

Episode 16 of Un-Sprained:
Crafting your Perfect Climbing Warm-up

Searching out your perfect warm-up? I've got your back friend!

Your warm-up is your ritual, a way of preparing your body for what is coming next and to tell it, "hey, it's time to Perform!!" Dialing in your warm-up doesn't have to be difficult!

In this episode, I also hit up my own warm-up tricks when I am waiting for my climbing partner. Who. Is. Always. Late. (to my benefit!!)

In this episode we cover:

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This week's episode covers the stages of your warm-up that will help the MOST in addition to making your warmup as climbing-specific as possible.


Think shoulders, hands and core. For this I love beginning with core (hips, legs and shoulders) and jumping in to finger specific warm-ups last.


Did I mention I'm having a workshop coming up March 15th ($55) on using various tools for warm-up, finger specific recruitment & stability drills? It's going to be awesome!!

 Check it out Here. 

In Episode 16 of Un-Sprained, we hit up the following topics:

>> Why hang boarding isn't a good warm-up.
>> What sports medicine research says about warmups?
>> Why pulley injuries don't necessarily occur from bad warm-ups.
>> Tried and true exercises from my college coach.
>> What we are trying to gain from our efforts.
>> Where easy climbing comes in.
>> And more!


Click below for my FREE Videos/PDF/DailyPlanner for my favorite 14 exercises in PDF (and video ).

And PLEASE, let me know what you thought! I'd also LOVE to know if you have additions or changes that have worked for you. We aren't all the same and working together to support and modify our training and our rehab is where the magic happens!



A Good Warm-up Always has the Same 3 Elements:

>>  Cardio

>>  Dynamic Stretching

>>  Gentle "intro" climbing


I've searched all over the web and in the research to see what other providers are doing. 

 I'm pretty sure mine is the only one that is the MOST custom tailored to warming up the core, shoulders and fingers with climbing specific moves that don't overly load the pulleys or flexor tendons. (It's a warmup guys!!).  I'd love to hear what you think and PLEASE give me comments on what you have found that works for you below. We learn as a team!!

So for the tools, I use your bodyweight, some small tools, and some nylon webbing (that you sew into straps). Or buy a TRX like set-up that you can wrap over a tree branch, or hang from the first bolt.

Keep it affordable, use it like mad!

Grab the freebie below and let's get going!

See you next week, same great time, same great place!


Dr. Lisa

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