Are YOU using Kinesiotape Correctly? Part 1: Learning what should (and should NOT) be Kinesiotaped.

Injured and wondering if applying kinesiotape is right for you? This post is the first in a series of How-To articles about Kinesiotape and its application vs. Climbers tape. Kinesiotape can be difficult to apply (and to keep on!!) which will be our second posting of teh kinesiotape series. Check back in next week to learn more about this body-training, useful product that acts like a physiotherapist while you train for climbing.

Read Dr. Lisa's guidance below on the common mistakes with kinesiotape. First, let's hit the uses for Kinesiotape that you should NOT be envisioning:

Mistake #1: Expecting Stability Control

An image of kinesiotape (to help with swelling and joint compression) underneath the beginnings of a stability tape job for a ligament injury on the side of the PIP joint.