4 Ways to Strengthen that Ankle

Want killer ankle strength for that upcoming trip? Check out these loading drills to ensure you can control that ankle on the wall... Don't forget, the devils in the details. Slow down and pay attention to detail to get the most out of them.

  1. Arch Raises: Works THE Controlling Muscle of the Arch

WHY: A simple concept that is often forgotten, control the ankle and you hold the power of foot stability. This simple exercise strengthens the arch creating muscle- the Posterior Tibialis muscle. This muscle runs from the back of your shin bone all the way down under your inner ankle to attach on the foot. Used as a secondary stabilizer in heel hooks, this muscle is VERY important when balancing on that edge with any nasty foot placement.

HOW: Drop your arches flat onto the floor, trying to touch that inner edge of the foot to floor. Now go the opposite direction, lifting up the inside of the foot until you are standing on the outer edge of the foot. If done correctly, your foot looks like a fin. It might take some strengthening and some control work to get into this position. If unable to do it, you might see a local physiotherapist or chiropractor to mobilize that joint!

REPS: 30 reps per day, a great warmup to edge walking…