What’s up with the Pokey Self-Care Ring?

A great question was asked by Tomasz-

Q: Hi Lisa- I’m thinking about buying Acupressure Massage Rings but... is there any science behind it? Do you know any examination findings about it? Something more than anecdotal evidences? It seems to me that it just overloads pain neurons so user doesn't feel pain for a while. But pulleys and flexors are made from collagen and they don't have enough blood vessels so that massage could really help. What do you think about it? Any science behind it?

A: Tomasz- The acupressure ring I'm recommending use for mechanical assistance for swelling and inflammation. It’s basic physics and cellular biology. Used like modern Graston and GuaSha techniques, the ring can be used to:

  1. Like a Squeegee to squeeze out swelling.

  2. Recreate inflammation in the area to restart the healing process.