DOMS: A painful subject.

"I woke up this am unable to walk. My legs were stiff and achy and just putting weight on my feet was too much…As I got moving, this pain went away but just touching the muscles still hurts. I put on some calf sleeves and went out for a run. They felt sizably better, until I got home and sat for a bit. Now they are back to where they were this am. Is exercising with DOMS bad?!"


This is a common question. We often use specific muscles harder than others on specific training periods- this will lead to muscle pain and soreness that may get WORSE as the days go on. What IS the deal with training with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and can you hurt yourself by playing through its symptoms?

Everything you need to know about DOMS.

DOMS is most likely the cumulative effect of micro trauma, inflammation and the body trying to protect itself. Occurring on a micro scale within your muscle belly itself DOMS is not as we previously believed, a build up of lactic acid. Instead it is thought to be the actual over-stretching of the muscle fibers themselves in conjunction with a build up of inflammation.