Crimping vs. Slopers and Pulleys

Laurent Vigouroux, a beloved climbing researcher out of Aix-Marseilles just had his newest paper e-published 15 days ago... It's coming out in the European Journal of Applied Physiology and also in our new book, Climbing Injuries Solved (2015).

This is important research for us as a climbing community:


"Estimation of hand and wrist muscle capacities in rock climbers." Laurent Vigouroux, Benjamin Goislard de Monsabert & Eric Berton.DOI 10.1007/s00421-014-3076-6


To measure strength of extensors, flexors and the intrinsic muscles of the fingers and wrist in climbers (men and women) as well as non-climbers. Climbers are extremely susceptible for pulley tendon and joint wear and tear injuries due to the proposed weakness of the extensors of the forearm and fingers, this study measures them against each other as well as the non-climbing population.