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Theraband Advanced 3 Resistance Band Set

$25.00 Regular Price
$22.50Sale Price

The #1 research-backed brand among U.S. therapy professionals. Now you can harness their light weight portable power for yourself. Inside, you can find expert instructions you need to build your healthiest, strongest body yet. Perfect for rehabilitating that pesky injury. 


Non Latex. Versatile exercise tools with detailed instructions

Great for stretchign and resistive movements to increase range of motion.

Proven as effective as dumbbells and weight machines for increasing strength.


Includes: 1 Blue, 1 Black and 1 Silver Theraband Resistance Band



    This band is the best for rehab in a hurry. Get more out of your workout by avoiding the weights and instead making it more climbing specific with positioning and balance tweeks. 

    We carry only GREY as it is the best we've found for rehabilitating most injuries. You want more difficulty? Move farther away or apply more stretch to the band to increase the difficulty.  Comes in 5 or 10 ft variants. 


    I used to order Theraband however I've found I like this brand best ;-)

    Get it in multiples of 1 yard.