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The Knot Out Dual-Headed Back Roller

$36.50 Regular Price
$32.85Sale Price
Our best full body roller. Use this green gem to release knots, realign muscle fibers, and to allow tight regions to finally rest and heal.  Feel the difference as to why Knotout Rollers outshine any other roller in price, portability and value.

    Our most popular full body helper, think of it as two hands helping to relive your tired sore body. Use this perfect tool to restore flexibility and introduce tissue hydration to regions that are overused with desk work and climbing.

    Soft: Yellow rubber Interior

    Firm: Black rubber Interior


    The Medium KnotOut works well for:

    • Upper neck and occipital release
    • Middle back and thoracic spine issues
    • Shoulder and upper back musculature
    • Calf tightness and/or spasms
    • Foot and ankle stiffness


    2.75 inches in diameter.

    The shape of this roller makes it my go-to for upper back and bicep issues. Its small diameter and options for soft or hard balls make it a stable tool that you can use sitting in the car or at your office to get into deep tight regions.

    Recommended at 4 minutes per day (TOTAL), test it on your muscles to decrease tissue tightness, release knots, and to restore your agility in wrists, forearms, and elbows.

    This tool is a GREAT addition for your self-care kit. This tool balances well with any self-care routine to provide the deep tissue tool for regional care.


    Use this largel region tool on your calves and hamstrings in addition to your back and feel the difference as to why it outshines any other mid-size roller and gets you out of the injury zone.


    This item is returnable within 7 days for replacement or refund. We do not pay return shipping.