2 Rolls of Pink Kinesotape

2 Rolls of Pink Kinesotape

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The best kinesiology tape on the market, I love this affordable version because it gives you just as much support and improvement without wasting your cash... Which is good, becasue research supports taht teh more you use, the more your body learns from it! Wrap up your painful region and your body responds in a few different beneficial ways. 1. More blood flow 2. Less spasm as it gives more input to the brain 3. Swelling control and lymph drainage 4. Learn new motion patterns in a correct way without visiting the physiotherapist every few days. 


This miracle tape is beneficial to tell your body about your 'danger zones' before you get into them. Helping your body to keep in a stable controled position with use, you can go aout your business knowing that with each motion, your body learns more and more about the correct motion pattern AND at what tone to leave your muscles. Instead of tight, guarding and contracted (think TIRED) they will now have the imput to become soft, supple and rested when not in use. We are retraining the brain, and all these great sideeffects come along with it. I'm giving you TWO rolls for the price of one regular value tape because you need to heal, and I want to see you get better!

This tape is tested by over 500 athletes in my clinic with little to no side effects. I got tired of paying for spendy tapes with little to no improvement between them (besides designs). Try this out. Trust me, it's your new favorite tape.


Used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including pulley tendon injuries, elbow tendonitis, shoulder pain and hamstring cramps. This tape is the go to for a first line of defense for watch zones. Wondering how to use it, or wanting assistance? Book a visit!

Tape to increase muscle recruitment, decrease spasms and limit local swelling while allowing a full range of motion. This tape can be left on up to 7 days!


Ultra-Strong and Sticky
Hypoallergenic Adhesive
Water Resistant
Wear for up to 7 days
Each Roll is 2"x16.4' (5cmx5m)

Get 2 Rolls with this purchase.

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