Frozen Shoulder: Phase A Rehab Plan

Frozen Shoulder: Phase A Rehab Plan

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Join me to rehab that stiff and locked up shoulder from the beginning with this perfect beginner rehab program for those with a frozen shoulder. Also known as adhesive capsulitis, this may appear out of thin air and is associated with no injury nor usage pattern. Those who would benefit from this plan have lost a LOT of range of motion out of their shoulder with no pain.  The shoulder could be strong but inflexible and unable to get into normal motions that we need for climbing (and other daily activities). 


Perfect for those with symptoms of:


  • Stiffness
  • Shoulder joint rigidity
  • Those missing range of motion out of their shoulder joint without trauma, or those who sustained trauma trying to get back every degree possible. 


For those of you who are non-surgical (most of you) or have decided to  try conservative care for this diagnosis, this plan includes the acute  and non-acute care for a shoulder with adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. 


To begin this rehab, you should have a perfectly healed wound site (if you are post surgical). You should be prepared for pulley exercises, and range of motion exercises that might be uncomfortable using bands, bodyweight and/or a physioball.

If you are unsure as to IF you are ready to begin a rehab program for Phase 1 Rehab, please consult your physician. The good thing about frozen shoudler is that it is hard to "hurt" it. It is much more likely to be tender and sore but stiff and stable and easily can handle the motions we are about to gift it with.


Once you a good range of motion, and you have good strength with these exercises, you can download and begin Phase B of my program.  In this next "Building Phase" you will embark on more rigorous rehab to to prepare you for your return back to climbing. From Phase B, you will then graduate to climbing in Phase C, as we plan and build you up to safely return you back to your favorite sport.  



Once purchased,  I will send over the PDF immediately with additional links to videos for your phone or computer using MedBridge. They are available for 30 days.


Not only will you get stronger, but we will build back your confidence as well as your body. You will have a very specific training plan, 5-7 days per week to begin building you back up so you can once again achieve your goals. I am excited you are joining me for this!