Finger Sized Kinesiotape 1/2 Roll

Finger Sized Kinesiotape 1/2 Roll


When applied properly, kinesiotape can help athletes improve proprioception and stabilize an injured area. Used for swelling control and retraining an injury, its the best way to have your healthcare team with you at the crag.


    Control that finger swelling and stabilize that joint. Kinesiotape is perfect for assisting in allowing a joint to heal while you climb and also in supporting return to activity while decompressing the region and decreasing swelling. This tape is perfect for hypermobile, inflammed, and irritated finger joints and pulley tendons. Sold by the roll, this is a 1/2 roll of the regular size of kinesiotape. Small hands can cut the tape again in 1/2 to focus the pressure on the joint.

    For ALL day compression, tape lightly. For use during climbing, tape tight enough that the region feels compresed but not so tightly that your fingers turn blue. Please loosen and retape if it limits motion. This tape is for swelling control and joint support.


    It is not to be used on newly dislocated or fractured joints (DUH!!) The rule of thumb is that if the region hurts with climbing and afterwards, tape it 24 hours a day to help with swelling control. If it gets worse with tape, your tape is too tight or there is an injury under the tape that needs medical attention (start with your MD or DPT).


    Iin case you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we offer a straightforward refund or exchange policy of 7 days.  This way you can buy with confidence!

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