Advanced Injury 2nd Opinion + Image Review

Advanced Injury 2nd Opinion + Image Review


Are you suffering from an injury and you've already seen a hand doctor only to be told absolutely nothing and given no advice for homecare or climbing? I've got your back. Regardless of how many providers you have failed or where you live across the globe, I PROMISE to offer something different. A new perspective, a fresh take on your injury, and a decade of climbing specific rehab behind my belt. I have had VERY few clients fail my program, it is almost NOT possible. Rest assured you will heal with an action plan, emailed homework and the results you desire.


  • Meet me in real time.
  • I am happy to review any reports, notes or advanced imaging such as  MRI, Xray or MSK Ultrasound results.
  • You can also send the image files for me to review as a bonus!


  • I'll pull up your films in real time with you and go through what exactly is wrong with your injury and where we need to start on the healing process.


  • Expect an hour visit with homework, guidance and clear recommendations for what to do next.



This is usually a kick off meeting after which I check in with you to ensure you are improving. If not, we re-evaluate and adjust our homecare, our daily activities, or decide together to order more advanced imaging.


  • I work with local imaging centers near you.
  • My clients improve 9.8 times out of 10. 


Click this link to access my 24-Hour online booking system to get started solving your problem. You can pay online there.


  • I've included a form for you to begin filling out, then we move on with our visit on Zoom.
  • I'll send you a link to the visit time and a login password :-)


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