White Climber's Tape


Thrive by keeping it healthy with Climber's Tape. A MUST for middle and ring fingers to prevent pulley injuries! This is a firesale of old tape at the office. We have a TON, it all works but might not be perfectly white. :-)


    The most versatile sizes of 1.5" and 1", you can tear it down to 1/4" for prevention of pulley injuries, use it at full size to prep your hands and wrists for crack climbing, or roll it on over an ankle or wrist for full protection during difficult motions. This tape is medical grade and is stickier and longer lasting than that bought at your local Riteaid or Sports Authority. It won't un-tape itself and it will leave residue afterwards (use mineral oil to get it off if you have sensitivities). We order it in in bulk from a medical supply wholesaler so you can get the good stuff.

    Perfect for multi-day applications and weekend trips.

    2"x10ft tape. 
    Shipment will be of whatever clinical tape we currently are using in the office. Medical quality and not cheap junk (either Johnson and Johnson, Muller Brand or Jaybird most likely), this tape should not untape itself and is an affordable alternative as we purchase it in bulk for our patients and ourselves. Perfect for taping pulleys, providing stability to ankles, thumbs, or wrists, or prepping for crack climbing at Indian Creek.

    A stability type of tape, athletic tape is a synonym. Stretching out 15% during a day's use, re-taping is recommended for multi-day use. 

    Studies show that taping a pulley tendon decreases the forces upon it by 85%... Use it and prevent injury. The A2 pulley is designed to take 130-lbs of force, the A4 only 80. Prevention is key. Taping to ensure continued health following a traumatic pulley tendon tear or partial rupture is recommended for 8 months up to 1.5 years following injury. Some may choose to prevent further damage by taping during use of provoking or risky climbing holds.

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