Belay Specs

Belay Specs

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After asking many climbers what their favorite belay glasses are, I have finally chosen to carry Belay Specs, an American company, to protect your necks and backs. Beginning with 4 color options (red, blue, black, and red/white/blue), these are the optimum gift for the trad, sport or crack climber who has everything OR is complaining of aches and pains in their neck or upper back.


BelaySpecs are your tool for more comfortable, better belaying. Get a crisp clear view and a comfortable fit. The best belay glasses on the market, these glasses are proudly made in the USA.



-More Comfortable Belaying: Since Belay Specs bend the incoming light, the belayer doesn't have to bend their neck to keep an eye on the climber. Anyone who has belayed for a time knows how quickly the looking up position becomes uncomfortable.


-Comfortably Keep Watch: As your vision and focus will be better, you or your belayer will be more likely to see a foot behind the rope, notice a back clip, realize their climber is looking shakey or remember the sequence through a cruxy bit.


-Protect your Eyes & Avoid Rockfall: Use Belay Specs to see falling rock and debris and things that can hurt you so you can avoid them without looking up. Protect your eyes by letting the glasses look up for you, you're also less likely to get sand or debris in your eye because you're eyes aren't facing up. And remember, a more attentive belayer at all times is a safer belayer. 


-Stay Closer to the Wall: With the Belay Specs, you won't be tempted to step back to see farther up the wall. This saves you from risking a longer leader fall and/or being getting sucked into the wall as a belayer.


All Belay Specs come with a carrying case (orange) and a fine wiping cloth.




"I freaken love my Belay Specs! They've become on of the most valued items in my crag pack. I cry when I forget to bring them" 

-Ethan Pringle

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