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The average climber is suffering from more than 1 chronic injury. Have you yourself been giving up large periods of time to recover only to return to climbing with immediate re-injury? Help is here! It is my goal to help you to thrive with the tools and systems that I taught to 40+ high level climbers this year alone and at past USAClimbing events.

My self-care tricks and customized medical plan will allow you to climb injury free for years to come. Join me via Skype to learn more about your body and learn the systems that work.  

-Dr. Lisa

Why Choose Medical Coaching?

Doctor Guided Help

 Understanding your homework is just as important as doing it!!

Subscribe to weekly coaching and gain daily access to Dr. Lisa for help with self-care strategies and a medical training plan that works.

Planned Perfection

Feel like your current plan isn't working? Delve into the specifics with Dr. Lisa  to create a plan that is custom tailored to meet your needs and desires, regardless of if you have one injury or three. 

Gain Skills that Last

Learn how to keep your injury improving and gain skills to prevent and solve future injuries. It might be just changing that shoulder positioning while loading, or it might be a full new list of skills to ensure your finger injuries stay gone as you move up the grades.

My customized plans include:



  • Help finding your weaknesses and defining your goals.

  • Creation of a plan that is tailored to your needs and desires.

  • Improvement of the areas around your injuries.

  • Guided self-care and education on new training techniques. 

  • Weekly meetings focused on education and goal setting.

  • Learning to heal yourself with guided care tips.

  • return-to-climbing plan when ready.

  • Customized Dr. involvement/assistance to ensure progress.


Climbers Heal with my System


Finally there is someone who listens with an understanding of the demands and needs of a climber. I got a clear concise diagnosis and a logical prescription of self care for rehab and future injury prevention.

Thank you,



Past Pro-Climber  Agreements Include:

David Graham, Daniel Woods, Angie Payne and many many more (HIPPA rules and client confidentiality are respected at my clinic).


Pure Awesomeness!

Robert D - Nov 12, 2015

As a climber, I push my body to the limits... Sometimes, my puny little tendons and ligaments cannot keep pace with my need for the send, and they cry out in pain. When this happens, I come to Dr. Lisa, who injects them with pure awesomeness. Climbing is a niche sport, and our injuries are not well studied. Lisa is changing that, as she applies cutting edge sports treatment to the best of all sports. She wrote the book on climbing injuries, and can solve yours.


Your Initial Coaching Session


Get a plan for success! This introductory session gives you access to medical care and sets the framework for recovery.

Your time will be well spent. Together we will:


-Discuss the full History & Care of your Injury

-Explore Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis Options

-Base homework on needs, upcoming events & climbing type

-Lay out the basic framework of your injury and discuss HOW to unweight it at work, and during non-climbing activities.

-This visit is booked via my clinic website. 


Difficult Injury or Multi Injury Coaching  


Do you have an injury that is hard to heal, or a collection of injuries that need more than the basics? Get the customized plan above but for each region. This increased price includes weekend correspondence by phone or email to update your recovery so you heal as fast as possible and don't waste time on the basics. 


Includes up to 3 weekly phone calls and/or emails. Guidance is based on your results to your last week of rehab as given. Modifications are based on fatigue, re-injury, progress, and fine-tuning taping/icing/exercises for best results.


To qualify for monthly coaching, please book an initial appointment here. Questions? Email me at


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Gain back shoulder motion to climb at optimum without injury.