Programs for Clubs and Gyms

My Healthiest Climbing Gym Beta Program includes:

- Staff introduction and education on selected mobility tools.

- Quarterly health concepts to assist your continued growth.  

- Coaching and customized aid that is hand picked for your gym.

-Options and knowledge about injuries and their prevention.

-Highlighting of your efforts on social media and our website.





Update your gym this year with my custom plan. All the perks for a gym to build health and wellness among its employees, coaches, and members. My program includes on-site training for your staff and members, and all the help you need to make your gym shine as a prevention and rehab facility. 


A basic beginner program runs 3 days.  $450+airfare

Covering all the aspects of education, self-care, rehab and employee training, this boot camp will ensure success at your gym. The bootcamp begins with a friday night lecture that you can share with any/all of your community (and you may use it as a fundraiser for your athletes or for your gym). 

Course Layout

Friday NIght includes a free 2 hour community lecture with following Q and A for your clients and their friends. 

Day 1 covers common injuries of the shoulder, elbow and finger. Taping, bracing, anatomy and full body patterns are disussed at large. 

Day 2 covers currently accepted injury recovery concepts, prevention and self-care drills, and coaching on how your gym can retain more injured climbers, become well rounded to draw athletes of other sports, and undergo a shift to prevent future injuries. 


-Improvement of your gym and staffing education on a budget.

-Discussion of your needs and desires

-Focal education and staff training on gym weaknesses

-Receive a banner marking your investment in this program

-Emailed educational material on how to begin including new ideas and tools into your gyms daily use patterns and videos to  share with your gym. 

-All books purchased during coaching are at 55% off MSRP.

I want to celebrate Your success...

Shoot me photos and articles about the implementation of these tricks and habits in your gym and your improvement and I’ll share it with the world. 


If you want to learn more, contact me for paperwork and to start the process. Let's improve as a team and make your gym stand out... 

Doctors Note: At this time lectures are only offered at the mud season and during slow periods within my clinic. Please plan on booking out 1-2 months for optimal placement. Due to demands, I only do 2 lectures max a month. 




All the perks in the basic program PLUS a focus on:


  • Monthly employee training via videos and flyers.                        (Lectures included if you are within 50 miles of Boulder, CO)

  • Highlighting of your needs with monthly discussion and training for weaknesses.

  • Flyers and Posters introducing new tools and recovery concepts.

  • Additional option for fly-in lectures by Dr. Lisa.

This is a great way to revamp your clinic and to continue to ensure maximal improvement in customer retention while building your success within the community. 


Contact me to learn more about how you can change your gym into a profit driving machine built with expanding services based on member needs.


Costs vary based on program design.


Contact Me:

3775 Iris Ave Ste 2A and B Boulder

CO 80301 Tel: 303-877-1458

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