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Diagnostic Ultrasound Exam


Fix or manage? Difficult to solve cases get a new look with MSK Ultrasound. Using a modern technique that rivals MRIs (but is sound based instead of magnetic), visualization of your injury with a site specific scans allow us to look below the skin to evaluate your ache or pain. Once the true injury has been assessed, we can develop a solid treatment plan that allows you to heal to the fullest and to get that final answer. We can see tendons, bursitis, new or chronic muscle injuries and even surface-level fractures. This evaluation type helps us to diagnose and compare even the smallest finger injuries, a LifeSport specialty!

MSK Ultrasound is useful for evaluating:

- Bursitis of the hip or shoulder

- Tendonitis of fingers, elbows, or knees

- Pinpoint bone pain and bone reactions 

- Overuse syndromes 

- Shoulder Impingement

- Nerve entrapment or snapping syndromes

- Tendon or muscle damage revealed

This technique helps us to follow:

- Long-term maintenance of damaged structures

- Progress of tendon repair and recovery

- Check-ups for return to sport (previous injuries)

- Tendinosis and tear progression (management)

Images are discussed at length in office and an email of your images is sent as requested. 

Note: This diagnostic method is not used for the meniscus of the knee, herniated discs, or the labrum of the hip or shoulder


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