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Episode 17 Un-Sprained:

We delve into your biggest question, how do I avoid heel hook injuries. And if I'm healed from them, how do I keep them from coming back?


I'm so excited for this episode. I made you a FREE download of my favorite 6 exercises for avoiding knee and hamstring injuries while heel hooking. It offers you a built in training plan that includes videos and exercises in verbal and written formats. We hit all the bases of the WHAT, WHY, & HOW.


Work backwards with me to plan out your year and problem solve your scariest moves. From here I give you an action plan with step-by-step guidance on how to beef up that knee, hip and back of the knee to avoid heel-hook specific injuries. 

In this episode we cover:

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Did I mention I'm having a workshop coming up March 15th ($55) on using various tools for warm-up, finger specific recruitment & stability drills? It's going to be awesome!!

 Check it out Here. 

In Episode 17 of Un-Sprained, we hit up the following topics:

We focus on WHY exercises work for preventing heel hook aches and pains. 

What we are trying to accomplish. AND the 3 things I wish I knew to keep heel hook knee injuries and heel hook hamstring injuries at bay way back when. 


Covered on this episode:


  -  Climbing Specific Research

  -  Who needs surgery and why

  - Why conservative care works

  - What heel hook exercises look like

  - Why climbing rehab needs to be specific

  - Why climbing isn't a good warm-up for heel hooks

  - And more!


I also have a downloadable present JUST for you. Click below for my FREE Videos/PDF/DailyPlanner for my favorite 6 exercises in PDF (and video ). And PLEASE, let me know what you thought! I'd also LOVE to know if you have additions or changes that have worked for you. We aren't all the same and working together to support and modify our training and our rehab is where the magic happens!



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