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In Search of the Truth?

Check out my list of resources to help you rehab and progress responsibly..

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Dionne Obeso. Article: 'Finger Yoga'.  2012

Julian Sanders. Article: 'Stiff Fingers after an accident?'.  2016

Julian Sanders. Article: 'Swollen Right Index Finger'.  2015

Dave McCleod. Article: 'Prevent Elbow & Shoulder Related Injuries'.  2012

Elbows and Shoulders

Julian Sanders. Article: 'Chronic Posterior Shoulder Pain'.  2016

Dr. Jared Vagy. Article: 'Injury-Free Movement for Rock Climbers'.  2015

Dr. Julian Sanders. Magazine Article: 'Elbow Pain and Cortisone Use'.  2015

Dr. Julian Sanders. Article: 'Medial Epicondylitis Tendonitis'.  2015

climber 10 color coded corection.png

Pam Barber. Magazine Article: 'First National Study to Examine Rock Climbing-Related Injuries'.  2009

Volker Schöffl et al. Journal Article: Injury Trends in Rock Climbers: Evaluation of a Case Series of 911 Injuries Between 2009 and 2012. PDF

Volker Schöffl et al. Journal Aticle:  Acute Injury Risk and Severity in Indoor Climbing—A Prospective Analysis of 515,337 Indoor Climbing Wall Visits in 5 Years. Wilderness and environmental Medicine. 2013

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Audry Birute Morrison and  Volker Rainer Schöffl. Journal article: Physiological responses to rock climbing in young climbers. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2007.

Other Climbing Specific Provider Links: 

     Dr Volkyl Schoffl MD. Bamberg Germany. Schoeffl Sports Medicine.

     Dr Julian Saunders DO.  Blackheath Australia. Blackheath Family Health Centre.

     Dr Jared Vagy DPT. Santa Monica CA USA. Sportsfit Physical Therapy.

     Dr Esther Smith DPT. Salt Lake City UT USA. Grass Roots Physical Therapy.

     Know another climbing specific injury specialist?

     Please send their name over as well as links to their climbing specific material.


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